Monday, November 8, 2010

Gravity Discovers Apples
(and gives Newton a headache) - 2010

This quilt is based on the discoveries of Sir Issac Newton (1673-1727).
The apple has been attributed to his discovery of the principle of gravity.
 The prism border represents his theories of light.  The mountain illustrates a
principle of Calculus. which he shares the discovery of with Gottfried Liebniz.
Detour at 110 mph - 2009
38" x 42"

The 110 mph sign is real, although altered.
This quilt is very yellow and represents chaos.
My Favorite Thing(s) Butterfies and Flowers - 2007

This was from a challenge by the Glendale Quilt Guild.
The theme was my favorite things and required the use
of the focus fabric in the butterfly and most of the other
fabrics in the flowers.
Red Roses for a Blue Lady - 2004
25" x 23 1/2 "

This was done as a guild challenge to make a quilt that represents
 a song and uses the red with black polka dots fabric.